Can you work with an Enemy?

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Can You Work With An Enemy?

Can you work with an Enemy?

We have all had incidents in the workplace, in a group project, an internship training, or any collective venture, where we have this one person whom we hate and dislike working with. The reason for this resentment may be that the person is either rude to you, or disregards your sentiments, or is just too bossy. Whatever be the nature of work, we have all encountered such incidents. The question that arises is; What should be done about it? Should we continue working with them and allow them to manifest more hate towards us? Or should we take a stand and step out of this toxic space? What should be our modus operandi? Let us address these questions


Look at the larger picture

We often tend to look at things from a very narrow prism. Because of the hate a single person throws at us, we think that is all there is to life. We either ignore or overlook all the emphatic people who work in the same organization and give us all their love and attention. In the interest of your longer good, it is always sensible to look at the larger picture. Think about your success and the opportunities for growth that the organization is offering you. Think about your career. But this doesn't mean that you will allow your enemy to harass you, gaslight you or play the blame game with you. Keep them at an arm's length and never allow them to become a festering sore to your development. Tackle them intelligently. Maintain professional and cordial relations with them, but unapologetically call out any disrespectful behavior that is aimed towards you. Collect evidence of their unruly behavior and speak to the senior management about it. Gather the support of your peers in favor of you, and deal with your hater intelligently.


Give as good as you get

If your enemy still insists on putting up a toxic behavior, it is time for you to react, and not sit folding hands. A lot of depression and mental health damage is caused around workplaces is because people keep quiet to toxic, virulent behaviors by their peers and seniors. It is unethical and immoral to support such behavior or to allow for an atmosphere to develop which acts conducive to such behavior. The red lines should be drawn, and if your hater is hell-bent upon continuing with such behaviour, you raise hell against him.

While working with an enemy can prove to be a bitter experience, it can only turn bitter if you allow for such behavior to be compounded. Remaining silent is the biggest crime that you can commit against yourself in that situation. Speak up, for your lips are still your own. Act, for your actions, are not bound. And lastly, give as good as you get. Unapologetically!