Women In Entrepreneurship: The Truth And Some Not-So-Truths.

women & entrepreneurship Jan 15, 2022


Women in entrepreneurship have become a huge topic of conversation. It's one that is often discussed but rarely looked at in-depth. There are so many different views on the subject. Some people say it’s hard for women to get funding, while others say that there are too many programs targeted towards women entrepreneurs. Some people believe that women are not taken seriously enough in the business world, while other people say that they are valued too highly. And don't get me started on how entrepreneurship is “just for men!”

This article will explore what the truth really is about Entrepreneurship and Women.


Women in Entrepreneurship

What's the Truth?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, women are faced with a lot of different challenges. But what about success rates? A report published by the University of California, Davis found that female entrepreneurs have lower success rates than men. Yet another study found that not only do women start businesses at higher rates than men, but they also account for 50 percent of all new jobs created through entrepreneurship.

What does this tell us? That on one hand, women face significant challenges as entrepreneurs and encounter more obstacles in the business world. On the other hand, female entrepreneurs are more successful than we give them credit for and contribute to economic growth on a large scale.

It appears as though there is a paradox when it comes to entrepreneurship and women: Women face significant challenges as entrepreneurs and encounter more obstacles in the business world BUT female entrepreneurs are more successful than we give them credit for and contribute to economic growth on a large scale.


The Truth About Women in Entrepreneurship

Women, like men, are capable of achieving greatness in their work. Women can be entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners. There is no truth that women are not able to excel in entrepreneurship.

Yet, women continue to be marginalized in the business world. They're barely getting any funding for their businesses; they're being told that they need to be more aggressive about their career goals; they're being looked down on because they don't have children. But none of this is true!

Women are actually very successful entrepreneurs. The small percentage of female CEOs could be due to the fact that many companies are still run by men, even if a woman owns it.

It's important to know that there are many ways to count success- not just what the media deems as the "traditional" way to measure success or what society deems as an acceptable role for women.


Not-So-Truths about Women in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur is always a masculine word.

I can't be an entrepreneur because I'm not good at math.

Women are never the main idea behind businesses.

Women don't have any role in entrepreneurship besides being the CEO's wife.

These are all statements that people tend to make, but they are not actually true.

The truth is that there is no one 'typical' entrepreneur, and anyone can have their own business, regardless of gender or race. Entrepreneurship is about creativity and innovation, not just numbers and equations! And if you're saying you're not good at math? Guess what? You don't have to be good at math to be an entrepreneur! It doesn't even have to be your forte, as long as you are passionate about what you do!


How to Support Women in Entrepreneurship

Many people believe that women get a hard time when it comes to entrepreneurship. In order to help support women in entrepreneurship, there are a few things you can do.

Initiate a sponsorship program

One way to help give women the opportunity they deserve is to create a sponsorship program for them. A sponsorship program will allow you to offer financial and in-kind contributions in exchange for exposure. This will not only help the woman in question succeed, but it'll also benefit your business.

The goal of your sponsorship should be to offer access to networks, resources, and services to the person you're sponsoring. The more valuable your sponsored person's experience is, the more valuable yours will be! Even if you don't have any money to invest in someone else's success, there are other things that you can offer that could still help them out immensely.

For example, if this person is starting an online business and needs hosting for their website, find out what hosting plan they need and start referring them! You may not make any money off of it, but at least someone else will (and hopefully they'll send some love back your way)! If this person needs guest posts or publicity services like social media management or blogging services—offer



The idea of being an entrepreneur can be intimidating, especially for women who are trying to balance family and work. But there are many women succeeding in this field—and many more who are striving to get there.


It’s important to know the truth about the road ahead, so you can prepare for it. From not-so-truths about women in entrepreneurship to how to support women in entrepreneurship, this article has you covered.