Mental Health and Personal Development

depression mental health personal development Nov 16, 2021
Mental Health and Personal Development

Mental Health and Personal Development

We all know how important it is for us to monitor both our mental health and personal development. It's as obvious as blue being the color of the sky. Today we are not going to discuss the obvious. We will rather discuss its contrary. Do you have a mental health issue that needs professional care and attention? Or are you being made to believe that your mental health is not on point? Who determines this? Who defines this crisis?

No Comparable Yardstick

If you are a black boy from the hood and have been smoking za, amongst other things that keep you calm. You've been doing fantastic, all well, being resolute, enjoying life, and not having any problems at all. Then, you decide to go to a doctor and tell him about how you spend your time. He will swiftly claim that you have scores of mental health issues and that fundamentally you need treatment. The issue that we are trying to highlight is that there is no single yardstick that is used to judge mental health crises among people. While one doctor may tell you that you just have some stress due to extra workload. Another may tell you that you're on the verge of going nuts. A lot of people think they have depression or serious mental health issues, whereas in reality they are just stressed due to an upcoming exam or an approaching project deadline.

Falling into The Trap

Once someone convinces you that you have mental health issues. You may not be able to avoid the temptation of finding its symptoms within yourself.  You will start weighing yourself using the same scale as others who have serious mental health complexities. You, in essence, fall into a trap. What happens next is miserable. Trauma is pain and hurt that changes how you interact with the world. Identifying with a mental health issue is in itself its own trauma.


The way out

The way out of this problem is to be introspective with yourself. I've found that the way out includes taking responsibility for my tomorrow. Nothing done by someone else can be the reason I am choosing to stay in a place of suffering. That is on me.

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