Building a Business as a Full-Time Parent

business and family entrepreneurship parenting work life balance Nov 16, 2021
Building a Business as a Full-Time Parent

Building a Business as a Full-Time Parent

As arduous and laborious as the task may sound to some, the idea of building and running a business as a full-time parent is quite conceivable. However, there are a lot of factors that must be maintained in equilibrium for the business to become a successful operation. Tina Star the founder of Eye Create Life spoke to Ambition Phillips about what it takes to single-handled run a business entity while handling kids, society, and relationships. Here are the key takeaways from the podcast.


Striking the right balance

It's imperative that a single-parent owning a business caters to the necessities of all internal and external stakeholders that are a part of his/her life. These include people outside the domain of your work-life. So, if you are a single mom trying to run a pizza store, or a luxury perfume shop, or any entrepreneur venture as such, you must be able to strike the right balance between your business and your house. Oftentimes, young businesspeople have fall-outs or misunderstandings at home, because they are unable to devote enough time to their private lives. Hence, they are oblivious of the happenings at home, and the needs of family members. This is the principal casualty of single-handedly running a business. You become so absorbed in it that you miss out on the family. Never let this happen. Maintain an equilibrium. Grow your business, but be there for your children while they're growing.


Go Global

While you may start small and try to target local communities with your brand. Always envision yourself catering to the global audience. While you may not necessarily have the resources, capital, and market intelligence to operate at the pan-continental level, yet you must have a vision of seeing your brand there in 3,4,5 years. This will not just help you increase your company's reputation but also help you maximize profits and expand your operations.


Find your balance & enter the market

Be it an anti-dandruff shampoo or herbal baby oil, we are always cynical about launching our brand in the market. We are skeptical whether/not it will perform up to the expectations, whether/not people will relish it or whether/not it can create an identity for itself in the market. This is not the right state of mind. Whatever be the position of your product or the ambiguity that may surround it, you still enter the market. Infiltrating the market will be an eye-opening experience for your business. You will get to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your product, and calibrate your strategies accordingly. Whether you are a single mom or dad, with the proper direction, suitable approach, and correct work-life balance, you can enter any market favorably, and create huge revenue-generating opportunities for your brand.