Is it Business or a Scam? Standards and Quality Over Professionalism

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Is it Business or a Scam? Standards and Quality Over Professionalism

Is it a business or a scam?

When you decide to start your business venture, you essentially step into a world of ambiguity. You step into a world of uncertainties, both financially and market-wise. You don't know what to expect from the customer, or how they are going to react to your product. If they don't like your product/service, or if you don't deliver upon their expectations, are they going to call your business operation a scam? Let's discuss some of the nuances.


Don't go by nomenclature. Go by what you like to do!

Let' say you open a graphic designing outlet. You cater to the needs of clients by giving them top-quality logos, brochures, and UI/UX designs. You have a team of two other designers besides you, and you are the CEO or the Managing Director of this small outlet. How do you introduce yourself to clients? Here's the tip. You always introduce yourself by going by the job you do in the venture. If you are a designer, say that you are a designer. If you are a writer, tell that you are a writer. Don't go like, I am the CEO, I run this space, I am the corporate mogul. None of that egotism works. Nobody gives a fuck. Stay humble. Stay rooted.


Professionalism - What does it mean?

In the context of business operations, there doesn't exist another word that has been tarnished more than professionalism. It has been abused to an extent that people no longer know what it stands for. So, we must address this ambiguity. The word professionalism should relate to the set of policies, plans, procedures, and operational mechanisms which are at play in your organization. What we really mean when we say "professionalism" is an acceptable level of quality and standards. The better these are implemented, the better your business looks to the customer. There is no need to beat around the bush about this term. You don't need a weighing scale from the cosmos to determine the extent of professionalism in your organization. So fuck professionalism focus on quality and standards.


Is freelancing, contracting, or affiliate marketing for you?

Once you leave your 9-5 job, you may jump into freelancing, contracting, or affiliate marketing. You will be met by a lot of uncertainty. The biggest mistake which people make before entering these fields is that they think they don't have a boss and that they are the masters of all creation. Wrong. The accountability factor in having to be consistent in your business multiplied several times, as you will directly hear from the clients if your product or service is below par. So, you must realize the fact that while you don't have a boss to report to, you have the responsibilities and accountability far greater than any boss of an organization. So, plan your entry into being an entrepreneur carefully. Never leave a full-time job without understanding the pros and cons of starting a business venture.