Sex, Love, & Relationships with Maisha Khalfani

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Sex, Love, & Relationships

Sex, Love, & Relationships with Maisha Khalfani

Sex and love are quintessential ingredients of blissful relationships. Yet they are quite misunderstood and exist within our societies in shades of grey. Today we'll try to introspect some of these factors, & how they've evolved over time. Here are the four key takeaways from pleasure coach Maisha Khalfani's frank dialogue on the subject.


The strength of the feminine essence

While a lot of women use their feminine essence or potential to leverage things of material comfort, like money or a good partner. It is not a suitable application of this potential. A woman should strive towards aligning this feminine energy with her soul's purpose and then turn this potential into her strength. This way, she would be able to strive towards better things in life and serve herself.


Honest conversations in relationships

People are often skeptical about communicating their interests, needs, and insecurities to their partners. If their partner needs anything, and can't express it properly, or is not offered a conducive environment to express it, then he/she will most certainly look outside of their relationship to have those needs fulfilled. It's about time people open up to their partners about their interests and eliminate the risks of catering to their sexual, and emotional needs externally.


The shift in the feminine position

Because of her feminine potential, the ability to give birth and nurture life, a woman was seen as a goddess in erstwhile Africa. She practiced Polyamory to strengthen the tribe and commanded adequate respect. Today, with the advent of religion, the feminine position has taken a 180-degree U-Turn. A woman is quickly termed ill-charactered for wanting to strengthen her position or exercise her freedom. She can't open up to the possibility of being with different men, without having to face sexual slurs and slut-shaming.


Porn is not a good educator

Porn objectifies women. There's a lot more to the female anatomy than a few fake moans which pornstars brandish. It's been known to bring about psychological modifications to the way we perceive intimacy, besides causing several physical constraints like erectile dysfunction. Porn should be the last resort for any man to obtain sexual education.

Sustaining healthy, lasting relationships is quite a challenge for today's generation. Understanding the significance of being honest in relationships, the feminine position, and discouraging porn can help youngsters take definitive steps in this direction, and nurture more enduring relationships.


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